October. This is has got to be my favorite month of the year.

Football. Cooler weather. Fall foliage. and of course, HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Mostly because I like candy and all the gory horror films, but also because you can be creative and dress up to be whoever you want to be for a day. PLUS you get to throw a Halloween party! There is nothing better than throwing an epic Halloween party to entertain your friends and family. Me and my roommates threw an awesome Halloween party last year and it was a total success.

Here are 5 crucial steps for throwing an epic party. Happy Halloween!

01. Food

Let’s get real: you can’t throw a party without food or drinks(that’s next). Food is a perfect way to keep your hungry partygoers FULL and HAPPY! Chips & queso, Halloween cookies, candy, vegetable platter, etc. Really any finger foods are great. You definitely have to throw in the Halloween themed foods. You can find a variety of Halloween foods on Pinterest. Mummy dogs are my favorite.

02. Drinks

Drinks are essential, obviously because we’re all adults. One drink you HAVE to make is “Zombie Blood.” It is a potent red sangria. The link is below. You’ll thank me later. Lots of beer (or BYOB), mixed drinks and jelly shots are also a worthy add to the menu. Always have mixers and of course, water! We added oranges to our iced water and called it “Holy Water” to ward off evil spirits. 😀

Red Sangria Recipe


03. Themed Decor


This is the best part of throwing a Halloween party. Why go through the trouble of hanging spider webbing? Because it looks badass! Especially when you fill them with spiders to give them that extra effect. Orange string lighting, black lights, scary skeletons, Jack O Lanterns, and bloods spatters are great decorations. But the MUST HAVE Halloween party decor is a fog machine! You have to cool the fog though, otherwise you will choke out your guests. Not good. I found a simple DIY fog machine cooler on Pinterest that I made last year. It’s about $70 in materials but so worth it. It adds a whole new dimension when it comes to hosting a badass Halloween party.

DIY Fog Machine Cooler


04. Halloween Playlist

Music is always important, but especially in a party setting. It’s also one of the easiest things to put together for your party prep.

Create a mix of your favorite songs and you’re done! Be sure to include all the classic Halloween songs such as “Monster Mash”, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, “Thriller”, and of course the Halloween Theme Song!

Spotify Halloween Playlist

Party On!

05. Costume Party

A Halloween party is not a Halloween Party without a costume contest! It’s fun and allows your guests to be creative and really put effort into a game-changing costume. Always included prizes. Money is obviously the best prize. Gift cards work just as well!


DIY Costume Ideas

Be sure to put out a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters! Remember, they’re having fun too…just maybe not as much fun.

Enjoy the party!


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